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Safai Sena celebrated the 43rd Earth day on April, 22nd, 2013 by educating passengers at the New Delhi Railway station on the importance of the work done by the wastepickers and also the major role passengers can play in keeping their environment clean and hygienic. Safai Sena Jai Prakash Choudary Inspirational Success Story | Zero To Hero | Mr VenkatTV Mr Venkat TV is South India's Best Trending YouTube Channel and your 2013-08-09 · by Safai Sena. Picking trash is a narrow window of economic opportunity that provides a meager income for Manwara Begum and her family. An opportunity to make ends meet, an opportunity of giving her children a better and more secure future. Safai Sena, a registered network of 12,000 waste-handlers and recyclers in the National Capital Region (NCR), was set up by a group of waste-pickers in New Delhi in 2009; the environment-focused 2015-08-21 · About Safai Sena: A registered group of wastepickers, doorstep waste collectors, itinerant and other small buyers, small junk dealers, and other types of recyclers. Safai Sena’s vision is that adult waste handlers must be able to upgrade their work to green jobs, which means apart from being good for the environment; our work should be safe, secure, dignified, and clean for us.

Safai sena

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She found out about Chintan and Safai Sena, a registered group of waste pickers. स्टेशन रोड पर सेना क्षेत्र में एक सफाई कर्मचारी हिस्से में 32 एकड़ की सफाई आती है,  सूर्यग्रहण के अवसर पर यमुना के तट पर सफाई अभियान व लोगों को नदी में प्लास्टिक न डालने  14 जनवरी 2021 2020 में सेना ने कश्मीर में की आतंकियों की बड़ी सफाई, अब सक्रिय हैं 270. 2020 में  24 अप्रैल 2020 सफाई सेना ने लॉकडाउन के दौरान 2700 लोगों को अब तक भोजन मुहैया कराया है. 27 मार्च 2021 बुंदेली सेना ने शुरू किया मंदाकिनी नदी घाटों की सफाई.

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175 likes. Safai Sena is a registered organization of individuals who collect and sell recyclable materials.

Safai sena

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Safai sena

New Delhi: Manuwara Begum, an informal waste collector from Safai Sena, has filed an online petition on Change.org platform to get the Covid-19 vaccination along with other formal sanitation The Safai Sena Secretariat Safai Sena, or an army of waste recyclers, is the registered association of over 12,000 wastepickers across 3 states in North India. Through local leadership and collective advocacy, Safai Sena advocates for the recognition of waste pickers and small traders as a key aspect of waste management in India and against their stigma and exclusion. 2014-02-28 · Chintan-Safai Sena Team on Earth Day – April 22, 2013. Photo credit: Chintan.

Safai sena

Many people in India refer to us as "waste-pickers" but we Contact Us. Safai Sena P.O.Box 3311, New Delhi - 110014 Email: safai.sena@gmail.com You can also call us: # 2015-01-20 · Chintan partners with Safai Sena (an organization of waste pickers, itinerant buyers and small waste traders) to clean up cities, recycle more efficiently and create livelihoods for wastepickers. As a result, it is also able to help children picking trash to go to school, as families earn steadier incomes. 2013-08-29 · Update from Safai Sena.
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Safai sena members publish a monthly magazine called “Safai nama” where they share stories and issues that affect them and their families. The coordinator of this project is also working with children of 25 Delhi schools to conduct “Eco Class” that will serve as a platform for regular interaction with students and parents regarding waste management at home and school by performing 2017-03-09 Safai Sena Brochure: 13.5”x5”open size, 4.5”x5” closed size.

Safai Sena, New Delhi, India. 175 likes. Safai Sena is a registered organization of individuals who collect and sell recyclable materials.
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Many people in India refer to us as "waste-pickers" but we prefer to be called recyclers. Manwara and her husband are members of Safai Sena, a registered association of waste pickers and small waste traders.