Please fill in the form below to start your application. Willem de Kooning’s first paintings of female figures were made in 1940, some of them inspired by Elaine Fried, who he would later marry. [1] These early works show the contorted poses, folded limbs, clasped hands and, occasionally, exaggerated eyes, mouths and breasts later adopted for his extended series, but are generally more serene, both in paint-handling and in overall mood. A central figure in the mid-century New York school of painting, Willem de Kooning was trained in Rotterdam in commercial arts. He emigrated to the U.S. in 1926 and worked initially as a house painter, and as an artist for the Works Progress Administration.

Willem de kooning

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Through each visceral swath, smear, drip and blow, the artist here asserts his total mastery of his medium. Indeed, the means of execution remain 2011-10-01 Willem de Kooning. Dutch, American, 1904–1997. •. Follow.

He was born in Rotterdam and moved to the United States in 1926, becoming an American citizen in 1962. In 1943, he married painter Elaine Fried.

Willem de kooning

Willem de kooning

He was born in Rotterdam and moved to the United States in 1926, becoming an American citizen in 1962. ส ร้ า ง เ พื่ อ ที่ จ ะ ส า ม า ร ถ เ ก็ บ ไ ว้ เ ป็ น ค ว า ม รู้ ใ น อ น า ค ตศิ ล ป ะ บ Willem de Kooning was born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on April 24, 1904. His parents, Leendert de Kooning and Cornelia Nobel, were divorced in 1907, and de Kooning lived first with his father and then with his mother. He left school in 1916 and became an apprentice in a firm of commercial artists.

Willem de kooning

märts 1997 East Hampton, New York, USA) oli hollandi päritolu Ameerika Ühendriikide maalikunstnik, kes viljeles eelkõige abstraktset ekspressionismi ja tegevusmaali. Born in Rotterdam, Holland, Willem de Kooning left school at sixteen and apprenticed with a firm of commercial artists and decorators. In 1926, he moved to New York, where his first job was as a house painter.
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Willem de Kooning was a Dutch-American abstract expressionist artist.

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března 1997, Springs, Long Island) byl nizozemsko-americký malíř a sochař, představitel abstraktního expresionismu. Americká výtvarná kritika jeho tvorbu řadí do action painting (gestické malby).